Tuesday 1 July 2014

Happy Canada Day

It's the long weekend here in Northern Ontario. Happy Canada Day to fellow Canadians. For the weekend I traded in my knitting needles for a chain saw and a hammer. We've started on our sleep bunky behind the cabin. Stage one, the deck. I cut down quite a few small trees to clear out a space but finally we have some sunshine coming in and a sort of level (ha, ha, that's a stretch) spot to begin.
I did sneak in a day of knitting on the "Simple" version of the Circular Yoke. I'm past the Great Divide and the Bust Shaping. Now straight knitting for a bit before I begin my waist shaping. Just perfect for sitting on the deck and watching the waves roll in.
I still have about 6 more small trees to take down but today it's blowy and unfortunately, in the wrong direction. Too bad, so sad, I might have to knit instead!!

Have a great day,


  1. I'll be there in an hour! The deck and waves is the perfect setting for my fiddle and some fiddle tunes!(just kidding..I am hundreds of miles away)

  2. Happy Canada Day! Are you up near Lake Lauzon for the weekend?


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