Tuesday 2 September 2014

KnitTrade, we're almost ready.

There is a large knitting industry trade show called TNNA, held in Columbus Ohio in June every year. It's where big and small companies show their new lines of yarn, patterns and books. If you're in teh U.S. your local store probably has been there to see what's new. Lyn & I have gone to this show as vendors selling our patterns and books to yarn store owners for many years. Every year we would say to ourselves "we should have something like this in Canada".  But alas there wasn't anything here. So 5 years ago we decided it was time to start a trade show ourselves. And now this is year 5, amazing. 
We were looking for a venue and then it came to me - a curling rink. It's a big barn with a cement floor and off season there is no ice. Perfect.
Most of our vendors are small to medium sized knitting companies selling specialty items. It's exciting for store owners to talk to the company owner, and often the manufacturer, of the goods they buy.
We've been very busy over the summer and especially this week, getting set up and now this is it. 
Our 5th annual KnitTrade show is on Sunday. 
We're almost ready!
Deb & Lyn


  1. Congrats on the 5th anniversary of Knit Trade.
    Lyn - love the yarn I got in St. Andre. Soooo… nice to work with.

  2. Fantastic work. You two really do so much for the Canadian knitting industry!


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