Thursday 11 September 2014

Steek Set-Up for cutting

I've been asked about converting the pullovers in the Need A Circular Yoke book into cardigans. If you're considering working colourwork for a caridgan, steeks, in my humble opinion, are the way to go. I knit a capelet with a steek so it can be cut open down the centre Front and a buttonband picked up and worked.
I'm going to sew the steek over the weekend. This is the plan. Here is my 5 stitch steek worked in a checkerboard pattern with the 2 colours.
I'm going to sew along the pink lines. There will be two lines of sewing close together up stitch#2 and stitch#4.
And then I will cut along the turquoise line, down the centre of stitch#3.

I will pick up for my buttonbands along the black lines, along the outside of stitch#1 and far side of stitch#5. Right now I'm just contemplating since the capelet is drying after blocking. On Sunday I cut! Woo hoo.


  1. Welcome to the steeking club! I steek sometimes for solid-colour designs when I want to work a pattern from the right side. I'll be teaching a steeking class at our November retreat (now full!) and there are some related tutorials on my own blog, 'cause just like everything else in knitting, there's more than one way...
    P.S. I'm working on getting my Shelridge yarn sweater and pattern ready to give to Lyn in time for Rhinebeck.

  2. Is that what we will be working on at Lake Lauzon in April? Looks fascinating and scary at the same time.


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