Friday 5 February 2016

Stash Buster Striped Socks

I was feeling pretty proud of myself today since I finished a pair of Stash Buster Socks just for me! And then I checked to see when I started them, December 24. So OK not so amazing, although I did knit another pair of socks in the meantime. Still, here is the second sock, always the harder one to knit.

My mom has started a pair too and her comment was "Don't start anything new until I finish these socks" since then she would be behind. But, sorry mom, I'm on to something new but I'll give you some time to get your socks done. I'll be taking a little class on Tuesday on Vertical Stranding. Have you tried this? It's working a vertical line of colour in fabric which is knit in-the-round. Cool, eh?

I've chosen to work the Unchained sock pattern. I've started the cuff which I need to have done for Tuesday. Here's the introductory video . More news after my class. It sounds very exciting.

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  1. I think you ARE amazing finishing socks with sock yarn and knitting other projects at the same time in the same time frame. Kudos to you. t_a


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