Thursday 28 January 2016

Size 11 done

Oh, what a feelin', my size 11 socks are done!! Not my socks but paul's and he's very happy to have them.
I was running out of one colour in the foot, just ahead of the heel and realizing it wasn't going to make it til the end, I broke it off when I still had a little ball left and hoped it be enough for the toe. Knitting the rest of the sock with my fingers crossed was rather difficult but it worked!! I caught the ball in time and had just enough to do the toe. I subbed in a slightly redder colour in thinner sock yarn in the foot and it worked out just fine, gauges between sock yarns not being so very different, although it did feel thinner. When I feel the socks I can't tell.

So this is pair #4 of the Spiral Sock stash busting collection finished. Now I will get back to a pair for myself which I have most of the way done and had put aside to finish these. Woo, hoo, feelin' good.

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  1. Now Hubby needs to give you a big time Valentine present for all that knitting! Admirable. Beautiful. Inspiring.


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