Thursday 11 August 2016

Cold Spot

Here I am taking advantage of a public a/c cold spot.
Shhh, read this post very quietly so that you don't disturb the other computer people in the library. I'm trying to knit very quietly. Although I think the typing at the next table is probably louder.
I'm just finishing up my second ball of Cotton Tweed Turquoise and it's looking like a sweater. I did decide to put the stitch pattern down the sides. I never feel like I'm getting anywhere if there is too much stockinette stitch, especially on an adult sweater.
Now I'm working the same pattern 4 different places as I work across my row. It always surprises me every time I get to the cable crossing row. Wow, already? Yes, 8 more rows done. I'm feeling like I'm really moving along.

Do you use a cable needle? I never do. I don't even own one any more. Lost them all and decided to do without. I'll take some photos and maybe you'll also be convinced to try knitting without a safety net. Yes, it's scary, very scary!


  1. Definitely looking like a Fall sweater!!! And who needs a cable needle unless you're working complicated cable patterns???? Just one more thing to keep track of . . . . .

  2. Safety!Definitely can't do without..cable needles(the stitches manage to get away and slip on down,down ,down),life line,pencil n paper, and, yes..a guiding hand! I need all those for safety.

    Beautiful cables, lovely design, Deb.

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