Monday 6 February 2017

Knitting in public

I was away last week watching my daughter curl in the Ontario Provincial play downs where they made it as far as a tie-breaker to the playoffs and then lost so they didn't make it through. It's a roller coaster ride for parents and knitting helps.
All those people there for 5 days and I was the only knitter except for one afternoon where there was one young man sitting by himself knitting with big needles. That was it. It always surprises me to be the only knitter in a large crowd. Do you knit at public events?

This year I'm trying to learn some new things so I knit a sock using a 40" circular needle. Magic Loop is new to me and I found out that I like it for socks.
 It did mean that I didn't have to worry about that little tinkling sound a falling double pointed needle makes as it bounces on a cement floor. My ball of wool did jump out of my bag once and roll under the seats in front of me. One of the hazards of knitting in public and slightly embarrassing.
 I can't tell you which pattern I used for this sock because I just read several patterns and took what I wanted out of them. This is a new heel for me. You start with the cuff and just above the heel begin to work increases on either side of two central stitches.
 Then you work a very standard V shaped short row heel. I will add this method to my sock knitting repertoire.
I liked what the stripes did. I don't know if this heel has a name. Do you?
P.S. Thanks Sharon. I do love a red sweater and recently found another one partly done so hopefully soon I will have 2 red sweaters to brighten my days.


  1. I prefer circs when knitting outside my living room for that very reason - lost needles not only bounce but roll like a toddler!!!! I like the centre pull ball for yarn as well. Stays in place a little better!!!

  2. I attended a lecture at Boston College a few years back and I spied 1 man to my left and a woman on the other side both knitting Top down Circular pullovers.(recognized the pictures on patterns they had) It blew my mind! Top Down is more popular than people think.


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