Thursday 6 September 2007

In Many Directions

A new pattern is ready. It's the Junior J, an expansion of the sizing on the Baby J. If you like knitting in many directions you'll love patterns by designer Bernice Vollick. She goes off in the 4 directions of the compass on this one.

This is the schematic for it. You make the collar in the centre first (that's the centre square). Then you knit South on the Left Front panel, work around to the back of the collar and work North the Back centre panel, work around to the front again and work South on the Right Front panel. Pick up stitches from the side of the Left Front, pick up along the shoulder and down the side of the Back panel. Knit the side of the cardigan and the sleeve to the East. Pick up along the side of the Back and over the shoulder and down the side of the Right Front and work the sleeve to the West. Fold in half and sew up the garter stitch seam. Done.
I know that we generally do not sew but knitting the sleeves in garter stitch and sewing up a garter stitch seam is easier than working the sleeves in the round, knitting one round and purling one round. At least that what we all thought.

I knit the turquoise cardigan (size 4) and this is the octopus stage. Left Front done, Back panel done and working down the Right Front panel.

- Deb

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