Saturday 15 September 2007

Plain Socks?

I was getting ready to go to a get-together where I would be listening to music and sitting for a couple of hours. And since I just finished a pair of socks I am now entitled to begin another pair. My fingering wool and needles go into my bag. I'll just knit a plain pair of toe-up socks so I can work on them when I have a moment.

That lasted for 4 inches. Now I am back home and looking at my socks and thinking that I would put a little pattern in it to make it interesting. Another inch worked. The pattern isn't working as easily as I had first thought. Out comes the graph paper. Knit, rip, knit, rip, I've now worn down a 1/4" of my eraser and I have one sock made.

Hmmm. Now I think the pattern should start earlier on the foot, one or two repeats earlier. And I'm going to change the star toe to a regular wedge toe since the V shape will mimic the beginning of the pattern. I'll try all that on the second sock. It's looking very much like I'm not going to have a matching pair.

Reminder to self - try to take photos when it is still light out.


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