Saturday 9 February 2008

V is for

V-necks have taken over my brain. I have this idea and I can't get it out of my head so I'm knitting it out. I want to be able to do a variety of different depths of V-necks.

My system of knitting from the Top Down is to work the collar first and then work the short rows for shaping up against the collar. In order to make the V different depths I am playing with the YO (yarn over) increases at the edge of the front.
The white one has increases every other row (every right side row) which is the normal progress of a top down raglan. The yellow one has YO increases on the Front only which are every 4th row 4 times, and then every other row as normal for the rest of the yoke, making the V deeper because now it's not a 45 degree angle any longer.
This is a bit of nerdy knitting I admit but I find changing the shapes to be endlessly facinating. I'm going to knit one more tomorrow and I'll photograph it as I go so you can see the short rows. They are really easy to work. I wouldn't lie to you.

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