Monday 3 March 2008

Down to Two

I have got the V-neck down to 2 samples. They look more or less the same. They give me a deep V which I was looking for and both have the correct number of stitches I needed. In order to get the correct number of stitches on each of the Fronts I had to decrease 4 sts on each of the Fronts while I worked the Short Rows. Below are 2 versions of the decreases worked over a different length of rows.
In the photo above you can see that along the shapeline on the left (shapeline is the 2 sts between the pairs of increases which make the diagonal raglan line) that there is distortion, sort of cupping, because I worked the decreases quickly. One decrease was worked every 2 rows, repeated 4 times (decreases worked over 8 rows total) which decreased the 4 sts needed. The rest of the V (16 rows) is worked with an easier set of 2 rows repeated 8 times until the end of the V.
This photo shows the decrease of 4 sts but it's worked with 4 rows repeated 4 times (16 rows total). More complicated to keep track of but less distortion. The rest of the V (only 8 rows left) is worked with the easier set of 2 rows repeated 4 times to the end of the V.
This will be an Intermediate Experience Level pattern.
My two questions here are:
1) Can you accept some distortion for a method that is easier to work OR do you want a more perfect outcome even if it means working more complex directions?
2) If this was an adult sweater would your answer be different? (You would be decreasing about 10 - 12 sts instead of the 4 sts of the baby sweater.)
Leave a Comment or contact me at my email . I am extremely interested in your answers. I have a bias myself but I'll wait until I hear from you.
- Deb

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  1. I like the look of the second method of decreasing. For me it wouldn't make a lot of difference in keeping track, as I just write it all out, circling the dec rows and check them off. I'd do that with either method. I just like the look better on the sweater using the second way. I like the pattern! samm


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