Sunday 2 March 2008

We're Working Small

Bernice and I are both working on baby sweaters and if you want to check out an upcoming Cabin Fever pattern in the making check out and see how it's coming along.

I have been working too but not taking any photos. Sometimes you just get going and don't think about stopping especially when I am trying to puzzle out a problem. Totally engaging to me but not extrememly interesting to too many others.

So here is the work to date, several days work in fact. Doesn't look like much does it! All those baby sweaters started and not one finished (and not bound to be finished ever). I know this bugs the *&^% out of some knitters but the process must go on just like this a little longer. I am almost there. It's so very close now.

I have a short V worked out. More or less the depth a crew neck would be. Ignore how narrow the back of the neck is. I somehow ended up with 4 stitches less than I intended to put on. How does this happen anyway? I'm sure I counted, well almost sure.
And the deeper V is coming along. I cast on all of the stitches for the deeper V of the ribbing but then I have too many stitches on each of the Fronts so I have to get rid of 4 sts as I work down the V using short rows. What if I just don't work 4 of the increases at the raglan shapeline? (The shapeline is the 2 sts between the pair of increases which make the diagonal line.) I like this approach but my designer team was not enthusiatic.
I tried working the extra decreases next to the V of the ribbing, and then I tried them next to the YO increases. How about if I decrease inside the shapeline stitches? I tried decreasing every Right Side row for 4 times and every other Right Side row over 8 RS rows and then I tried working SSKs where I had been working K2togs....
No blogging takes place during this period mostly because I am just the tiniest bit frustrated as the pile of baby yokes gets higher and higher and I still don't have what I want (I ripped out the ones which were definitely not going to work out). But ... I think now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I may have got something that I am happy with.
This is the gleeful time. It's not the end but a major problem solved is a great feeling. I may read a book this afternoon to celebrate.

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  1. Love the deeper V, It looks good for babies and toddlers too.


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