Sunday 23 March 2008

Mates & Offspring

I'm back from our anniversary celebration and (Sascha) good for another 25 years. I also mated my socks and they are happy couples too.

We spent the weekend in Bancroft which is famous, I am sure, for this view from the Tim's. That doesn't look half as high as it is. Can you see the 2 people climbing the ice? The one on the right looking spreadeagled was a woman. We watched until they both made it up to the top, otherwise how could we sleep. What some people do for fun!

I shouldn't talk, we spent much of our time, from Thursday to Saturday, cheering our daughter's team on at the Bancroft Curling Club - Tim Horton's Provincial Championship.

My husband at the door saying,
Deb why are you taking a picture of the building?
Well maybe some people don't know what a 4 sheet curling rink looks like.
Like a barn you mean!
Well, yeah.

Here they are, the Issler team, happy to be here and having a great time (my daughter on the far left, threw third-that's curling talk). There were 5 teams tied for first (all with 4-2 win-loss record) after playing 6 games of the 7 game round-robin. In the last game they lost by one point on the last rock of the game. Oh, No, so close! I didn't get a lot of knitting done at that game but I now know it takes 3 games to knit a sock. At least it does if the game is not too, too close.

Last weekend was the Varsity Nationals (made it to the quarter finals - competition was very stiff) which we didn't make it to see so my daughter sent some photos.

If you know anything about curling you know we shout - a lot!
OK, sliding on ice is not quite as exciting as ice climbing but we had a wonderful time. That was the last competition of the season but we'll be back at it cheering her on next winter.
A proud parent,


  1. Congrats on the sock mates!! Could I send you a sock or three to make spouses for? Glad you're in the marriage for the long haul. That's a good thing indeed. We had four hours in the car yesterday, going to visit #2 son in London, but I couldn't knit. It was awful! I always knit in the car. Always. But we had such a load of things to take to him my seat was so far forward I could hardly get in. I was too folded up to knit. Isn't that absolutely horrid? :) samm

  2. Congrats on 25 years. Just wait until you get to approaching 45 years. Then you can brag.


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