Friday 20 June 2008

One more test knit

I have one more Baby V checked and test knit. I wanted to show you some of the details...

Now I am off to camp for the weekend and I'll be knitting socks and hats to go with most of the sweaters. Yes almost finished.

What can I think up to do next. I definitely need a carrot at this time in the proceedings because I'm almost done myself. Time to move on here. I'll be thinking over the weekend and making lists of things to do.



  1. Oh my gosh, that's even cuter than the previous ones! Please include that pattern! -SuEllyn, the one who keeps raving to everyone I can about Cabin Fever's wonderful baby/toddler patterns

  2. I agree with SuEllyn! Please please please can we buy this pattern!? I love the details you've included, and can see this little sweater on littlest grandboy. samm


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