Monday 30 June 2008


We decided this morning to take a couple of days and go to camp. We're leaving this evening so I am rushing to get a couple of errands done today and then pack my knitting. I'm taking the hemp ponchette #409 from ,

and a top down sweater I've started for myself out of Briggs & Little sports weight wool (I do love getting back to knitting with wool), and I was going to bring one sock which hasn't seen any progress since the spring but I think these 2 projects are enough. Lots of straight knitting to do on the sweater.

My errands have to do with the next big event around here, Mariposa Folk Festival, coming up next weekend . A merry group of visionaries worked hard this last year trying to start new Arts school around Mariposa. For 2 days before the weekend you could have taken classes in songwriting, photography, creative writing, singing, dancing, printmaking and improv. Did you notice the past tense? It didn't get off the ground. So some more of us have joined the group and I am lending my marketing knowledge, such as it is, and have made up a flyer to advertise for next year 'New in 2009, A Learning us at, we'll keep you informed.' We'll be emailing a newsletter with profiles of teachers and all the info that comes up during the year. Lakehead University has pitched in with classrooms and restaurants will discount meals and there might be an arts tour and who knows what. If you see me at Mariposa on the weekend I'll be there with green flyers because
I have a few.
My short list of people I want to see there: Cheryl Wheeler, Loudon Wainwright III, Sarah Harmer, John Wort Hannam, JP Cormier, Maria Dunn, Holmes Hooke, Taj Mahal, Connie Kaldor and some that sound interesting like the Funky Mamas, Creeking Tree, & the Foggy Hogtown Boys. It's going to be an exciting weekend and it's only Monday - 4 more sleeps.

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  1. Sounds like fun!! I love Connie Kaldor, though I've not seen her in person yet.


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