Saturday 28 June 2008

What's New

'New' seems to be a theme these days. Our New patterns are on our website . And the Baby V booklet is definitely almost done. One more week of editing and then it goes to the printers. This is where Lynda has to pry the booklet out of my hands (it's not a booklet, it's a computer file but that's not too visual), lock me in the room and take it away, while I agonize about one more little change I would like to make. I could make little changes forever and it would never see the light of day and I would be happy. But no one would be knitting these little darlings so out it's going to go.

The process at the printers takes a little time with proofs and colour proofs and checking that everything ended up on the right page, making any little changes at that stage and THEN it will be on the presses. YES. I know it's a long, long road but it's only been 4 months which for me was too quick. I really need about 6 months. I know, a long time and it only takes a couple days to knit any of these baby sweaters! It's like having a baby, the beginning is fun and the end is exciting but the long 9 months has it's ups and downs. We are in that last month of anticipation: excitement that it's almost ready, worry that nothing will go wrong and wondering how it will be received.
There is even more excitement at my house because these have finally arrived. I am not the only one in my house who has been working on a creative endeavour. My husband, paul, has finished his first CD. They arrived the other day and he is so thrilled.It all started when Steve Earle sang a song at Mariposa about the Donnelly family called 'Justice in Ontario'. Paul was totally pissed off by his bias view and wrote a song in rebuttal. And then... he just couldn't let it go. He started reading more about the tragedy and writing more songs. Eventually he sent out word that he'd like to do some kind of project and was anyone interested. Susan Charters, a storyteller, jumped in (Susan and paul used to play in a local band). In January 2008 they put on 2 house concerts of songs and stories of the murder of the Donnelly family. In Lucan Ontario, February 4, 1880, five members of the family died and their house was burned to the ground. Six members of the Vigilance Committee were brought to trial but during the trial many stories arose of the reign of terror the Donnelly's had led in their community. No one was found guilty. Right or Wrong?This is a 'live' recording of the house concert and I know where you could get a CD or two if you're interested.
- Deb

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