Monday 6 October 2008

Back to it

It feels good to be over the worst of my fall cold and back in my knitting chair with a clear head and rested fingers. Today I wanted to get to the beginning of the V-neck shaping on the Guenevere ( and here it is. The pattern is showing up really well.
As we tour the Guenever I will point out some features. The first being the beginning of the V-neck shaping.The thumbtack is in the last buttonhole and you will notice that above it there is an extra ridge (3 ridges instead of the previous 2 ridges). The extra ridge is 2 extra short rows which are worked in buttonband only, just below the beginning of the decreasing for the V neck, to make a better corner for the buttonband. Both buttonbands have this. The scissors point to the first decrease which is in the Body beside the buttonband. The second decrease has just been worked right beside the marker. The texture pattern is so nice and easy that working the decreases and working the pattern at the same time is no problem.

We will move along on our tour . . . ah sorry there will be a slight delay as we wait for our knitter to get some more finished. Please talk among yourselves. Stay tuned . . .


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