Wednesday 29 October 2008

Hockey Night in Canada

Yes, it's hat time! We're working on a new hat booklet for children and adults with the patterns being available in most gauges of yarn. I thought of about 6 things I wanted to do but started with a(nother) flap cap. I really like them and they seem quite popular right now. But, just to be different, I decided to try to do one from the top down. Yes! It works great. Plus it has the added standard benefit of top down knitting - you can try it on while you go. Now, this was not of use for me as I knit the first one in the infant size (instant gratification kinda thing) but the theory holds. So, there was a hockey game on last night ....
And yes, that little cutie is on a toilet roll - no kiddies around the house to try this on so had to improvise.
So, there you go. A hat. I knit this in our Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK but now I'll have to knit this up in the various yarn weights but pleased with the first go. And naturally, immediately cast on for the next idea. I thought a slip stitch pattern would be cool but now I think my idea was a little too subtle.

In fact, not sure you can see much at all ..... rrrrriiiipppppp .... next!

- Lynda


  1. Oooooooooh!!! I love the flap cap! I hope larger yarn will make an adult size. :) Gotta have that one. samm

  2. This would be great for a child or teen too...I guess the pattern booklet with your flap cap won't be ready for Christmas knitting eh?

    ("Eh"? Have I picked up your Canadian accent?)


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