Monday 20 October 2008

I know, I know . . .

I know I haven't blogged for almost a week. But I was working monogamously on one project and other than saying that I was progressing there wasn't much to say.
I have worked back and forth on the buttonband stitches attaching it to the back of neck stitches as I worked across to the centre back of neck from both sides.
Then the two sides of the buttonbands which meet at the centre back of neck were joined with a 3-Needle cast off.
Really looks like a sweater now. I have knit the sleeves to just above the elbow. Did I show you how the sleeves come out?Here it is sans person.One evenings work and the first sleeve is completed. One more evening and the second sleeve was done. Popped it in the washing machine on delicate and there it is. It's drying now and I have some wooden buttons for it.I have the Guenevere ( knit in Briggs and Little Regal which I knit for myself in 2005. It's still going strong and very comfortable.

Now what's next? I cast on a sock to celebrate.And I'm going to redo my pink hat in this. There is some orange and the littlest bit of green in there with the pink (from there MUST be something I can do with all these little balls in the bottom of my sock wool box.It will come to me, probably in the middle of the night!



  1. You can send them to me :o)
    The sweater looks terrific.

  2. Hi,

    Love the color of this Guenevere! It is also nice to see how you do the neck stitches - one picture is worth so many words.



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