Tuesday 9 December 2008


Panic Christmas knitting has set in.
Does your knitting chair and table look like this? Last year I don't think I knit up too much. But this year I have requests. This is very odd since I don't think I have had any before from other than my children. I have started with some fingerless mittens, nice and quick. I unravelled a couple of childrens sweaters that I didn't particularly like and am using the wool again, very thrifty. My youngest sister wants some mittens so I'm going to work on refining my mitten pattern with the instructions written in inches only (no numbers for the gauge). So far using this system for the fingerless mittens has worked out great.

You can find the Anatomical Mitten pattern on the December 22, 2007 blog posting by going to the sidebar and hitting blog archives - 2007 and scrolling down the resulting page. Sorry I'm not a techy at all and can't seem to link this up.
I made some changes. I cast on all 8" worth of stitches for the cuff and ribbed for a decent amount instead of the rolled cuff in the blog pattern. I ribbed the thumb section and used a YO increase, knitting into the back of the YO in the next round to close the hole. This worked really well and gives a very good definition to the diagonal line. I like it. The back of the hand is in double moss stitch. Next I am going to do a full pair of mittens with some design on the back and see how that comes out.
Oh and I did knit another hat. The one on the left is in aran weight and is the same size and was knit from the same pattern as the one on the right which is in sock wool. My son informs me that the gray hat is very manly and he would wear it. I had a hard time wrestling it off his head. I pass all these things past my children since they are very definite on questions of fashion and colour. Whereas I am always questioning my choices of colour and pattern. I am trying to make all the hats unisex, sometimes its just a colour choice that makes that possible. Hats are kind of interesting that way.


  1. I remember that mitten pattern - I'll have to dig it out and try the refinements. Love the ribbing on the thumb! They'll be good for shovelling ALL THIS SNOW.


  2. I will definitely look up that mitten pattern. I knitted a pair of mittens at my first knitting class, but haven't attempted them since!!!!!

  3. Hello,
    Love the gray hat -- looks like it would be perfect for my son-in-law. Do you mind sharing the pattern?
    I was in Orilia a couple of weeks ago. We love your little town -- so pretty and such nice people!


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