Thursday 26 February 2009

time off

I have no solution to 'hitting the wall' except taking a couple of days off. I don't put the project away because I do need to get back to it but I ruminate on it. It's a relief not to have to work on it when I allow myself time off and it seems to give me some distance so I can think more objectively. Usually something is not working right (but I guess that's the problem for everyone when they set a project aside). This hat book is not coming together for me. Too many variations and no structure to hang them on. Today, after thinking about this for several days, I talked it over with Sophy (our shipping goddess). Talking out loud really helps. We came up with several ways to structure the booklet - by experience levels of beginner, intermediate, advanced; by style of hat - plain, textured, colour patterned, top down, flap caps; or a 1, 2, 3 approach with a simple hat + variations. I am going to label each of the hats so we can try some of these combinations and see which seems to work the best. OK, moving forward.

I finished the first Pine Cone sock. I'm not sure about the colour. I think I need something golden rather than purple.And I think I will rework the toe to a more standard wedge shape.But other than that I think it's perfect. Ha, ha.


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  1. I love the pine cone sock!!! And the colour. :) Hope you are soon past the wall, if not there already. Waiting for that hat pattern.... hopefully for next winter, though. :) It smelled a wee bit "green" here today, which tells me Spring can't be too far away. samm


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