Sunday 13 September 2009

JJ just done

Hoorah. Bernice and I both finished our JJ jackets.The pattern is written and this is the interim photo, taken in my front yard. Both the red and blue versions are going to our photographer for the official photo but if you can't wait there are patterns printed with this photo, ready to go.
The button placement is set up so that you could button it all the way up and the collar would flip over in a turtleneck with the buttons showing. It's a terrific jacket, designed by Bernice Vollick ( . See more of her patterns by looking for her name in the designer list of She loves doing baby knits in many directions. Cool stuff.

So startitis can begin. I've cast on for a testknit and slight redo of the Double Cross sock (brown). I'm making some minor adjustments to it and then that one will be ready.
I cast on a gray sock. I love this colour. We've been playing with dyeing techniques so this is one I need to knit up to see how it looks. Just a plain sock I can take around with me everywhere. All the other projects I have to pay attention to, good to have one plain knit available.

The scarf by Ann Hanson ( is not a beginning but a rebeginning. I decided it was too short for me so I took out the cast off edge and I'm going to keep going until I run out of wool. I did have quite a time figuring out which end was the cast off. It took many, many turnings of the scarf while I was trying to eat my eggroll at dinner before our knitting guild meeting. This is totally accepted behaviour at a guild dinner. I finally figured it out for sure, which took some time because I really didn't want to make a mistake, and have been happily knitting away for a week. I have not got the starting bug out of my system yet so there will be more coming. Especially since I have a backlog of patterns to write up. All small things but maybe just the gift for your Christmas knitting and mine too.

P.S. Maybe next year Samm. It would be great to meet you.


  1. The jacket is beautiful. I am sure as soon as Ann gets her hands on the pattern, she'll be casting on. I'll have to wait until my return.

  2. Deb, you told on me. Didn't she Jed?

  3. I just tried on the red version and it fits me PERFECTLY and looks fantastic! Great job Bernice!
    PS Think Deb will let me have it???? Hmmm, probably not. Sigh. Will have to knit my own.


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