Wednesday 14 April 2010

My summer sweater is coming along. I added 8 extra stitches on each of the Fronts to accomodate my bust. But then I was wondering where to get rid of those extra stitches.
I decided to knit straight until I was past the largest part of my bosom for a start. Then I worked double decreases at each underarm (on the Front only) every 1/2" until the Front had the same number of stitches as the Back. It worked a charm and fits really well, at least as far as I can tell with several circular needles stuck in it. Now I have started to work the A-line of the body, a pair of increases at each side seam Marker. You can't see that yet but in a couple of inches it will show some shaping.

I can't believe it but it's not even summer yet and I have it half done. Wow.

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