Friday 17 September 2010


We finished one show and this week we're working on the next show which is on Sunday. And this is a first. The first knitting Trade Show in Ontario, maybe Canada! We haven't talked about it too much because it's not open to the general public, it's for people in the trade, in this case the knitting trade. We don't want to tease you with something you can't get into but it's all we have been doing for a couple weeks now. There is not much knitting to show you.

It will be so interesting to see store owners, wholesale vendors, designers, production knitters and teachers all in the same room. These are all the people who are behind the scenes of your knitting experience in a shop.

We are all ready to get going. We're ready to tape the floor for the vendors, have signs for everything you could think of, badges are made for everyone, packages are made up for the store owners with a description of each vendor present, we have door prizes, sandwich makers, coffee urns, the tables and chairs are ordered and now we're just waiting . . . It all gets started for us tomorrow morning. We're so excited. We can't wait to get going. We'll have photos of the show, before, during and after.
Wish us luck
-Deb & Lynda

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  1. Absolutely! Have a grand, and productive, show!!!


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