Thursday 28 March 2013

How many shapes of sweaters have you tried knitting? What shapes are your favourite to wear, hand knitted or bought off the rack?
A-Line shaping where the bottom is wider than the bust in a gradual way.
A Straight sweater where the width is equal all the way down.
An Hourglass sweater with waist shaping.
A Modified A-line which accomodates the hips.
Have I missed any? I have every one of these shapes in my wardrobe, as you probably do too. My favourite to knit is the Modified A-line where I make the hip about 3" wider than the bust, because I need to if I want to button it up. But I do love the A-line shape so the striped cardigan I'm knitting is going to be that shape.


  1. I've knitted every one of these shapes, and love them all! I think the boxy shape is fun to work with when either cropped or extra loose. I might be planning to work with this shape really soon--maybe something in vine lace with closely fitting sleeves to counterbalance the loose body.

  2. I've made them all except for the shaped one. In the past, I've mostly knit for everyone else. This past couple of years I've been concentrating on knitting for ME & just may try them all.


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