Monday 4 March 2013

This is a mittlet pattern I'm going to put in the Accessory Book we're working on now. There are instructions for both versions: a Basic (stockinette stitch mittlet) or a Patterned mittlet (with a pattern up the centre back). Would you like to try it out and tell me what you think of it? In the book it will be in many gauges but for now it's really quick to knit in chunky weight yarn.
It has an interesting increase which you may or may not like, let me know. You could substitute the easier Kf/b increase if it's a problem.
And if you can catch any errors please let me know. (If you print this off it's about 6 pages but watch that you don't continue to print the 5 posts that follow it, that's a lot of paper.)

CHALLENGE: The challenge I gave the Kawartha Hooks and Needles Guild was to make up their own 8-stitch pattern. Have a go. There's an empty chart at the bottom. You can make your stitch pattern any number of rows high. Send me a photo of the mittlet with your own stitch pattern on it. I'd love to post them.

I'm going to take this down on March 11.

For Adult with CHUNKY YARN
Designed by Deb Gemmell

Pattern will be available on Patternfish in April, 2013.

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