Tuesday 4 June 2013

Back to sweater knitting, still my favourite garment to knit. The Square Neck is progressing after several changes. The question for me was where am I going to put some increases for the Bust. I'd like the Fronts to be 3" wider than the Back. This does a couple of things. Most of us are a couple inches bigger on the front because of the 2 obvious reasons. This is also a pattern based on a 3x1 rib. I don't want the wearer to stretch out the ribbing across the Bust so I'm adding in some more stitches for the bust area. There are a couple places to work increases for the Bust:
1. the bottom 1-2" of the Yoke before the Divide Round (double up the raglan increases on the Front).
2. on either side of the centre Panel (vertical darts starting in the Yoke).
3. angled darts worked between the underarm and the bust (angled from the underarm toward the bust).
I thought I would do vertical darts but they need to start before the bottom of the Yoke is reached. The knitter is already working raglan increases and keeping track of the Panel pattern at the same time, enough already! I decided against working double increases at the bottom of the Yoke for the same reason. Let's do one thing at a time. I know knitter's love that phrase At The Same Time.

I'm going with the angle darts worked at the edge of the underarm and angled toward the bust (the same darts as in the Need A Plus Cardigan book). To do this I had to reconsider the ribbing I had running down beside the Panels on the Front and Back. I took it out (handy crochet hook does the trick). Now I've hit the Great Divide and can start the Bust Increases. Yay. I also added one more detail. I should have a couple more inches done in a couple of days so you can see.

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  1. Yes indeed - we all groan when we read 'at the same time'. I think you made the right decision - although it would have been a great lesson to watch you do vertical darts.


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