Saturday 1 June 2013

We're in book production now. Lyn is converting the entire contents of the book into a printer ready copy. I've been over it with my tech editor and have some correction work to do on the new copy. As you might imagine, the wording across the entire book is not consistent since it was written over the last 6 months, bit by bit. Then as test knitting came in, further changes were made. Now it has to come together as one book. It's really difficult to edit my own writing since I don't really see what's on the page but all that has gone on behind it. To read a pattern as if it's not your own takes putting yourself in someone else's head and reading it from their point of view. It makes a huge difference if it can be done throughout the whole book. That's my task over the next week.


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  1. I am eager to knit the burgundy cabled hat 'n mittens set Deb is modeling!!!!! Looks like it would work up fast . So pretty!


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