Tuesday 18 June 2013

Went away for the weekend and did NO knitting. Very, very weird for me but restful. Read a couple of books instead and now I'm ready to tackle the end of my square neck pullover.

I did indeed rip back and work different hip shaping. After trying it on a couple of times I decided that what my figure needs is a bit more fabric on the back. This photo is of the ribbing running down the side with 2 increases worked on the Front (on the right of the ribbing) and 3 increases on the Back (on the left of the ribbing). One extra increase worked on the Back gives more room for my backside. I'm going to do a bit more so that I end up with 3 increases on the Front and 5 increases on the Back. I think that will work better for a close fitting pullover.
P.S. You're right Brenda, unfortunately I won't have it worked out for all sweaters but I'd be happy to have it worked out for Cotton Tweed since I use it a lot.  I'll have to see if I can apply this method to other sweaters.
Chez Lizzie, I do a similar thing. There is a straight 2" section for the waist. The bottom of this section sits at the waist. The first hip increase is at the waist so the sweater width gets ahead of my hips. Seems to work.

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  1. Thanks for the reply. I sure do wish fit was the same for all sweaters and was shocked the first time realized it wasn't. Laughed to read about your early increases to get ahead of the hips.


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