Tuesday 7 October 2014

21-Day Writer Challenge

I'm in.

Jeff Goins has issued a 21-Day Writer Challenge to blog writers. I'm in. I'm going to write on my blog for 21 days beginning on Wednesday, October 8. This is to help me and all the other participants of course, but mostly me (c'mon you know it's totally personal, ha, ha) become a better blogger and writer.

He is going to send prompts. I don't know if these are "go team go" or "write about your most embarrassing moment". I hope it's not the second one but suspect it probably is. I'm more than a little nervous. There will be knitting content because how can I ignore such a large part of my life.

Are you a blogger? Would you be my writing buddy? If you send me the link to your blog, I'll post the link at the end of my posts, if you will do the same for me. It would be cool to have a group of bloggers reading about each other so we'll all know our community better by the end.

If you want to take the challenge by writing privately without a blog, sign up on the Goins site and write a comment on this blog so I can hear how you found the writing of each topic. We can encourage each other to write every day. Resolutions are so hard to keep. I think I'm going to need the encouragement after about Day 5.

Are you in?

Sign up on the Goins site and email me with your blog link: deb.cabinfever@gmail.com
Add me, Cabin Fever Sisters Knit, to your list of 21-Day Writing Challenge writers http://cabinfeverknittingdesigns.blogspot.ca/


  1. Oh Gawd - I know I have a lot to say, especially now that I can't talk much, but 21 days in a row??? What the heck do you SAY every day???

    1. I asked myself the same question. One I can't answer yet but I guess I'm going to find out.


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