Wednesday 15 October 2014

Day 5: Where are all the knitters?

Over the last couple of days I was in 4 airports. I saw exactly 2 other knitters. Where are all the knitters?

In North American there are 54 million knitters ( a stat I saw in a magazine). They aren't at the airport. Admittedly there are many more men in airports than women. What I see are people focused on their devices: phones, computers, ipads. I know that makes waiting easier but so does knitting.

Do you knit in public? We need to show the public that knitters don't all sit in rocking chairs. We are a varied and interesting group of people making things for people we love.

Join me and Knit in Public somewhere this week.


  1. I always take my knitting to doctors' appointments. Yesterday I had to go with my husband for his eye exam and sat there knitting for about an hour. A woman asked me what I was making and I explained the toe-up sock on two circs. A man got into the conversation and offered to have the socks if they did not fit my husband! He seemed quite impressed with the process - I wonder if he knows anyone who knits. The woman said that her sister knits but she "couldn't be bothered". How sad is that?

  2. I have a mini knitting bag inside my Sheep Bag - doing purse duty since I wrecked my knee & couldn't carry my shoulder bag, cane & limp at the same time. Any time I sit, I'm knitting unless I'm eating. I knit at Timmy's, I knit at Starbucks, I knit while driving my car if I'm waiting for the train to cross. I knit at the Dentist, the Doctor, in class if I'm not taking notes, in front of the Tube & once, while on Jury Duty - I was in the very back corner & they thought I was taking notes!!. I suspect people at airports worry about shuffling too many bags, keeping track of paperwork & wonder if they'll still lose their needles . . . .

  3. I intend to knit at a restaurant dinner table with your sister on the weekend in Rhinebeck. Wish you were going to be there to join in!

  4. I have been knitting while travelling, at appointments, in meetings,in grocery stores and anywhere else I can knit since I started knitting. I consider time spent waiting for something to be time wasted if I'm not knitting. Having knitting with me means I am more tolerant of the delays I may face during the day. From time to time there will be another knitter in the waiting room, airport or on the bus, but usually I am alone.


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