Thursday 2 October 2014

Child's Ribbed Sleeve pullover and Short Row heels

This week has got away from me. I've been busy workin on my boy sweater. But as usual the sleeves seem to take as much time as the body does. How come? This does not compute!
Sharon (from the comments) was concerned about the neckband being small. I've written in the instructions to cast on with the body-size needle and then work the neckband ribbing on a needle 2 sizes smaller to pull it in. I can get this 4 year old size onto my head so with a nice loose cast on, it will be fine. I know any child who gets their ears ripped off when pulling off a sweater is not going to put it on again!

I've also been revisiting short rows in preparation for teaching Toe Up Socks with short row heels at our Cabin Fever Retreat, November 14-16. I want to present a couple different short row heel options. I have my reliable double wrap short row heel (below) which I love but I'm going to explore some other methods. Maybe I'll find a new favourite. Do you have a favourite heel that works for toe up socks?


  1. That's a great boy sweater (although on my screen looks pink!) Not enough attention paid to male sweaters. Bruce Weinstein's first book "Sweaters Men Want to Wear" is the gold standard for adult male knitted stuff, I think.

  2. My favourite short row heel is the Lifestyle Toe Up Socks. No wraps. Makes a neat, hole-less (is there such a word?) heel. I love it.

  3. Looking pretty darned good!! I really like that ribbed sleeve as well as the ribbing down the sides. I'm thinking that ribbing will make a real skinny kid look neater instead of looking like a kid with a sweater that's too big & give some ease to a rounder kid as well.

    I personally HATE short row heels!! I find socks slip into my shoes as I walk because they aren't DEEP enough. And if the fingers are sore & the ankles are swollen, they're a problem to get off & on. So, I knit a nice deep heel with gussets & flap knit at the same time.

    That being said - have you thought about the AFTERTHOUGHT heel?? Knit a tube sock, clip a thread where you want the heel to be, pick up the stitches & knit another toe. Some people just love it & you get a bull's eye effect if you use stripey yarn. The advantage is that there's no wrapped stitches - you're making a toe after all, it works from both directions & no holes.

  4. I love the Fish Lips Kissed Heel.


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