Thursday 1 February 2018

Committed to the Great Divide

I'm committed now to getting the yoke finished. I'm close to the Great Divide. It looks different than I imagined it would but the V is working as I had hoped it would. It's deeper than my regular V-neck top down cardigans which is what I was looking for. The eyelets are dreaming of summer.
I'm still pretty sure the front is bigger than it needs to be. A shawl pin might be needed for me to wear it. Although all those holes sort of lend themselves to being buttoned any way I want to. There are still possibilities here. It's working really well as a prototype, it's almost right but could use some work. I like that.

Someone the other day asked why I don't do a child's size first. Sometimes I do that and guess what, the adult version seldom gets made. In my head I've worked it all out and now I'm done with that design and on to the next idea. There is another idea hiding behind this one which is nudging me constantly. At least this is an adult size and I think I would knit another one with some modifications. I like it and would wear it.

I'm going to make this with cap sleeves, real summery. Then I have to work out the bottom of the eyelet fronts. I don't want too much of a V at the bottom of the sweater. At least that's my thinking at this moment. Could always change my mind though!

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