Friday 23 February 2018

Olympics are bad for knitting

Watching the Olympics was not good for my knitting. I was watching the curling and knitting 3 rows forward and 1 row back. Unfortunately nothing I did provided any luck to our Canadian teams. Sigh.

I have progressed on my Mulligan, sort of. I think I'm back to where I was on the first Blue V. As you can see I still have to recover from the last rip out when they lost!!  How am I supposed to keep track of my knitting when I'm sitting on the edge of my seat?

I am also working on my Take It From The Top KAL where we are all using the Take It From The Top pattern as a basic guide and having our way with it. We've just started if you want to join us.

I have finished the neckband and worked a different kind of short row to lower the front. I am ready to add a panel down the centre front. I'm looking forward to getting into the stitch pattern.
But that's not all, ha. I am also knitting a Mosaic hat which I am writing up and hopefully will be out soon. I have to tell you that I love, just love, knitting mosaic.
It's a huge amount of fun. It's colourwork where you use only one colour at a time and work knits and slips to make the pattern. Here's the matching cowl in solid colours.
And a close up of the matching red cowl.
The colourwork is so pretty that it's hard to put down. But I must because I have yarn to make up after the big rip on the Blue V. Must be firm with myself!

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