Thursday 8 March 2018

Admitting defeat for the moment

I'm not moving at all on the BlueV. It's sitting in the time-out corner because no matter what I do, and I gave it two good tries, it is misbehaving. It's tough love time. It's staying there until I can work up some enthusiasm to try one more time. If that doesn't work, well, it's three strikes, you're out!
I was going to put a huge X across the photo but that seemed a bit harsh.

I've realized that I'm not fond of the eyelet all-over pattern. If every time I see that row coming along I'm groaning, that would be a clue, right? Not my favourite stitch. Next time I'll rethink the front lace pattern. Oh, no, see what just happened there, the knitting optimist is at it again, I'm thinking of next time.

For the moment I'm knitting little people sweaters. This one with cables. I have a couple more little sweaters in mind. They are so quick to knit that I can think ahead to the next one and not get too far ahead of myself. It is frustrating to have so many ideas and not be able to knit fast enough. But these little guys are pretty quick.
I'm turning my head away from the time-out corner and having fun with cables.

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