Thursday 1 March 2018

Still moving slowly

As you can see I'm still exactly where I was last week.
I seem to be stalled on this for the moment. Well, not stalled exactly. In fact I have been going backward. I ripped out another several rows in order to contemplate the fit. I think I have it worked out now. Ha, we'll see.

This has been a forward and backward design project. Often new construction ideas are like that. Not frustrating exactly, OK frustrating, but also challenging. You see how I'm trying to reframe this!

The best way forward I have found, through past experience, is to move slowly, almost at a crawl. Not easy to do but in the end it saves quite a lot of ripping back. I wish I had remembered that at the beginning of this project but, alas, I was excited and have paid the ripping price.

Now, onward to the Great Divide.

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