Tuesday 8 April 2008


Today I saw 3 of the Baby Variations in progress. I think this is the most exciting part. They are almost there but not quite.
If you're new here this is what is happening. I have written a basic pattern (overexposed photo in gold below) which I wrote up and sent to the Cabin Fever crew of designers. They have been busy and silent !! about what they have been up to. But today Bernice and I went up to Sheepstrings Wool Store in Huntsville, ON and I got some preview pics.

The gold above is the Basic Cardigan in the 6-9 month size.

Karen from Sheepstrings Wool Store has done a unisex cardigan (preemie size). She's working a redo in orange for a girl. Can't wait to see the glow from that one.

Bernice's fascination with cables continues. Lovely big collar. See http://mommabearknits2.blogspot.com for more pictures.

Dana has the traditionalist covered here. Beautiful lace work.

This is my addition which is now almost finished and written up. Well except for taking the bottom ruffle out one more time and starting the garter stitch before the last buttonhole. This is absolutely the last time for the rip!

And what am I doing now? I'm knitting all 5 sizes of the basic cardigan to check the pattern and show what the basic can look like in different yarns. This is in Cara from Needful, cushy and lovely to knit with. I bought 2 other yarns from Karen so you will be able to see the difference the yarn makes in a plain sweater. I'm starting the largest size tonight and working down, keeping the most colourful one to the end, it's my carrot.
0-3 month size is done, check.
18 month size-better get to it.

I'm watching the Emma DVD tonight and I'll be looking for any knitted shawls. I don't think I saw one last time but I can't quite believe it so I'm watching it again.

P.S. Thanks for the camera recommendation Pat (comments). I've borrowed a Panasonic to try for a week. I have also looked at the Fuji a friend has. On the weekend I can try a Canon for a day. Then it's off to the camera store next week.

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  1. Hi Deb:

    A fascinating look at all the various possibilities from one basic pattern. Waiting impatiently for its publication!



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