Tuesday 22 April 2008

Spring Fling!

I've changed the font and colour of my posting as a couple of people mentioned that they thought it was Deb ... so Deb's in black and I'm (Lynda) blue. Mmmm, wonder if that suggests anything? It's not meant to!

I'm busy getting our stuff ready to show/sell at the Spring Fling on Saturday. It's an annual guild show (Downtown Knit Collective) and we always enjoy having a booth there. We know lots of people which makes it a lot of fun. It's weird but a one day show is almost as much work as a three or four day show. All the preparation that I have to do is pretty much the same, except in this case I don't have to worry about shipping stuff (and customs), just trying to squeeze it into my van.

You can see all the information for the show at http://www.downtownknitcollective.ca/dkc_frolic.html . This is a growing show so new stuff and new people to see and meet, and is primarily for knitting. Our kind of show!

Our "little" sister Heather often comes to help out at the show while Deb is off teaching classes and I look forward to spending the day with her. She is not a knitter (we've tried and tried) but she really likes the stuff and is remarkably knowledgeable about it for a non-knitter (she suggests that we kind of go on about it ... us??). I put the "little" in quotes because she is easily the tallest of the three of us. We're kind of in reverse order, oldest = shortest.

I've decided to showcase some of our baby blankets and afghans that are knit in our cotton blend. Plus our felted purses and bags which are always popular. I just did a "big bag" with two strands of our Cottage Colours and it's amazing. I'm so pleased - it has the look of a big Doctor's bag, well, except it's in blue! I put a magnet on it to close it and pretty buttons and will have a hard time leaving it as a sample.

I've been have a great time playing with shrugs this last week or so, mainly because I need one for myself, and have found that knitting in cotton or a cotton blend, even in this terrific heat, has been fine. I moved into a new (to me) townhouse last fall so this is my first summer with my new (tiny) south-facing backyard and it's HOT out there. So cool knitting is essential.

If you're in Toronto and free on Saturday, come down to the show and say "hi".


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