Thursday 1 May 2008

Babies everywhere!

So how does this work? I'm the one who's never had babies yet I'm doing the baby photoshoot? And what a laugh it was! I'll be able to show some pictures next week when I'm back from the show but believe me, these kids were seriously cute! Oliva at 18 mths, Keenan at 8 mths and Willow at 2 mths (ohmigod she was so little!).

All were amazingly happy to be photographed and so good . But it didn't hurt that our photographer, Leanne, has two kids of her own and can photograph babies for hours. I finally had to drag her away - I can only put 8 pages of pictures on the booklet!! She must have taken a zillion pictures. It was a sight to see all these women (Mom's and Grandma (Dana) and so forth in Karen's store (SheepStrings in Huntsville) all trying to make the kids laugh and stay still enough to snap the photo's. A serious hoot - and you got to give them back at the end. :)

Pictures to come next week!


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