Friday 23 May 2008


Progress continues on the Baby V booklet. I have been busy doing the edit, have you smelled the smoke coming out of my ears? 'Relax, relax' I tell myself when I wake up at 3am thinking about some small change I just noticed in my sleep. How does that work anyway!

At one of my knitting classes I am teaching a phd. student to knit lace. She's starting on a patterned scarf as her second project ever (the first project, a felted purse, was a success) and I pointed out that if you knit a pattern from a chart you have to pay attention and was that what she wanted to do. She said that counting out the pattern was a pleasure after reading political philosophy all day. So maybe after a day crunching numbers I should be reading philosophy for relaxation. Not. I think I will continue to read my 'who done it' novels instead.

This is my first test knit. This pattern is done now and the sample is ready except for washing it and putting the *&$# buttons on. The photos for the booklet are all done but I thought I would try different colourways for the test knits anyway. We can put them up on the website as alternatives. And I have started on the matching socks.
The cuff flips over when the socks are done. I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. Cute, different colour gives a whole new look. I especially like the strong colour instead of the soft baby shades. Great.

  2. A great colour combination, Deb. These are adorable sweaters.


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