Tuesday 27 May 2008

Nothing to show for my day

I have nothing, nada, zilch to show you today. I have been busy at the computer editing all day. But ... now I feel better. Editing is like a roller coaster, one moment everything is going along swimmingly. The patterns I am reading seem to fall into place, I can follow all the directions and imagine myself knitting them. And then I hit a snag. This part here doesn't read well, I can't have some poor knitter coping with working different rows on several patterns. There must be a way to clean this up. The designer and I rewrote parts of the pattern but it's still not really as clear as I would like. I let it sit for a day still fretting about it and yesterday I picked it up and still there was no blinding light shining on this pattern to show me the way. I woke up this morning with the idea that if I changed one word throughout the pattern that might just do it. So I rewrote again and I think I'm almost there but ... it's still not quite good enough. So I'm passing it over to a friend to look at and we'll have a conference call this weekend and maybe talking it through will do the trick. In the meantime I'm putting that one aside and working on my other patterns due for release next week. Not next week!

It's not that bad. I have them almost ready. I need to finish a couple of second socks for photographs and then one last look over the pattern. Next week is no problem.

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