Sunday 25 May 2008

One tiny sock

I did get one sock done. Cute, eh?
No other knitting to show. I've just been reading patterns and clicking my calculator and being generally boring. This is not exciting blogfodder but it's work that must be done. Pattern checking doesn't produce knitted garments very quickly. Math must be checked. Phone calls to designers made: does this sentence mean this or that, could we say this another way, could we work it out so all the sizes are working the same row of the patterns, could you check the buttonhole placement once more, there seems to be an extra stitch in this pattern repeat or am I going crazy? That's definitely a possibility at this point.

It's challenging and exciting work to do. I'm excited about the booklet, it's going to be good, but I still have several weeks of work ahead of me.

This evening I'm taking a break from baby sweaters and knitting my second King's Knight sock. Ahh.
Tomorrow back at the baby stuff.


  1. What a great background for the picture, I love taking pictures using different layouts but would never have thought of a jigsaw puzzle. Of course that would require a jigsaw. Cute sock.

  2. The sock is adorable. Can't wait for the patterns to be published!


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