Monday 15 September 2008

K-W Show

We had a terrific day at the Kitchener Waterloo Knitting Fair. It's organized by the K-W knitting guild and they take such good care of you at this show. It means a lot to the vendors. At about 2pm a volunteer came around to give us water and to ask if we needed Advil, bandaids or mouthwash strips - what service! Somebody there knows what it's like to be in your booth for several hours without a break.
Lisa came to show us her dress knit out of Cotton Tweed. Isn't that incredible? Wow.

I came on the bus with the Aurora Guild. We had lots of draw prizes and a 50/50 draw on the way there,and shopping Show & Tell on the way back, with several crys of "We need to go back, I missed that booth."We were all a bit blurry after all that shopping.

And there was a new award given for the best shopper - The Joan Davis Award, for the shopper with a steady hand on the credit card and a cool head amidst tough decisions - which went to Joan Davis who has yet to be outdone!
She knew nothing about this award, and her reaction was perfect.
The challenge now is to see who can outdo her next year. Who is going to step up to the plate? You have a year to train and save up for the big event. Do we need a bigger bus?


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