Monday 1 September 2008

Shelter Valley

A beautiful weekend where I, not being my optimistic self, took no sun screen. Yes, a little lobster-like today but so glad to see the sun for a couple of days in a row.
Let me introduce Shelter Valley Folk Festival ( to you. The windmill is in the logo and that strip of blue at the top is Lake Ontario. A terrific venue in Grafton ON, and celebrating it's fifth year with the return of lots of the artists who have appeared over the years.
There are 3 workshop stages with 2 or 3 artists on a stage together during the afternoon. Here is one of my favourite artists, Suzie Vinnick and Rose Cousins (who was my discovery of the weekend). Valdy and Lynn Miles were the 2 emcee's of the main stage. Valdy being very Valdyish and Lynn being her hilariously sarcastic self.
The main stage is built on the side of a barn.
I love the roof supports, aren't they great? During the dinner break things quiet down. Singer/songwriter ( paul court, sitting on the stage steps was seen earlier assuming the position for receiving any inspiration floating on the breeze.
I don't think he caught any. But I did catch Alyssa Wright (, singer/songwriter, cellist, pondering....
and then poised for action as the perfect word came into her head, possibly the inspiration which passed by our earlier writer.
I did take my knitting figuring that all the artistic creativity would give me a good idea for a hat. But no knitting mojo was there and after frogging twice I put it away. It's ssooo pink and I had geometric patterns in my head which didn't fit somehow. I was thinking of balloons and roundness and it wasn't coming out that way.I put the hat away and started another sample of the King's Knight sock ( in Ultra Soft Touch with Nylon by Shelridge Farm ( and loved it. I don't get tired of this pattern. The wool shows the pattern really well and I can't wait to get to the knots.The last weekend of the summer and our year begins again. Any knitting new year's resolutions on your mind for the coming year? I think I want to have a sock on the needles at all times. And I am definitely into sock weight wool now so more of that. And my Briggs and Little wool is on it's way from the maritimes and I can't wait.

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