Monday 2 March 2009

Deadline - Hats

This week is it. The final last gasping stitches before I cross the finish line for this part of the hat booklet. I'm going to get all the hats knit and all the remaining patterns edited and off to the pattern checker this week. That means I have to knit several hats a day. So far today, drank a coffee, read my book for a little bit (can't start the day without that), it's 12 noon and I have knit one hat.DK weight hat in a Toddler size, standard toque. Cast On for a second hat. Jumping right into a longer project while the enthusiasm is high, a Baby hat in sock wool. Oh yes, should probably eat lunch.
About 3:00 I had to go out to do an errand.
It's a beautiful sunny day but freezing cold! Didn't stay out long.
Back at the knitting. Geez, 2.25mm needles are slow going but the colourway is gorgeous in Ultra Touch sock wool. I've watched 3 hours of Hercule Poirot videos and have a couple more in the queue for tonight. I think I'm just under half way there on this hat. Dinners finished and I'm on the home stretch.


  1. That IS a gorgeous colourway. I accompanied my hat knitting stretch with Alien and Aliens (not nearly as scary as the first time through 30 years ago!).

  2. Deb, you are taking on a huge task, I am sure you are up for it.


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