Friday 20 March 2009


Look what came to roost in my house. Is that the coolest mug ever? A friend of mine was in Florida and it jumped right off the shelf into her hand. We had just been talking about a knitting book which would be all white and how different that would be. It is now my official tea mug.
It's almost spring here, at least the snow banks are dimishing somewhat, so it seems appropriate weather to be test knitting a mittlet. Although mitts are still required outside most days we have had a couple of above freezing days which means I should have a pair of these in my coat pocket. I, of course, knit the right hand first which makes it pretty difficult to photograph with that other hand that doesn't know how to do anything at all. I have one more to knit to finalize this pattern. The weather should be perfect for them by then.

P.S. to Commenters:
The Huggy Bear cross over sweater starts with the collar. The edges of the cross over are worked with the body as you work down. Nothing is picked up afterwards. After you cast off all you have to do is sew the 4 buttons on and you are done. Terrific eh?

Valerie, I'll pass on your comment to Bernice. This would certainly look lovely on a little girl.


  1. The mittlet is very cool. And though I'd put coffee in that mug, it's cool too. I wonder if you can find matching dishes for it! Jed

  2. I neeeed a mug like that!!How wonderful! It would be my favorite tea mug too. :) And a Raveller from India sent me some amazing tea that would taste even better in a knitted mug!!! sammmmmm


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