Tuesday 17 March 2009

Last Hat

It's starting to come together. I have finished all the hats. This is the last one.We are going to photograph the hats on their own so you can see the hats clearly. Our thinking is that the sizes go from Newborn to Large Adult so putting a person in them might lead someone to think a particular hat is only for a child or only for an adult. Then we are going to show families with hats on so you can see the range possible.

I went to a friend's house yesterday to try to ease some of my overused muscles in her hot tub. It was dark and the stars were out, it was beautiful. Still rather sore today though. Did I mention I knit 7 hats over the weekend? No photos, too busy stitchin'. Now the fun begins because it actually starts to look like a booklet. Yes!


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  1. I love this hat!!! Hope this was worth the sore muscles. I'm sure it will be in the end. :) Great variety of hats! Can't wait to see the book. :) samm


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