Saturday 28 March 2009

Little knits

Precious little knitting going on around here or should I say precious 'little knits'. It's time for small projects which can be done quickly.These are all in the same pattern. The Aran weight, on the left, was super fast to knit and is really comfy.So here we are with our three hands. The fingering (sock yarn) mittlet is being worn by my son. The longer Aran and the regular worsted mittlets are adorning my hands. They all fit both of us very nicely. Isn't ribbing great stuff?

Now I can let myself start something new. Hmm, a new sock, a sweater, maybe a shrug? And I did have one more hat idea I wanted to try. I'll have something cast on by Monday. I have all weekend to contemplate all the possibilities.


P.S. Commenters:

I hope you enjoy the Swing Coat, Samm. Sounds like you had a fun road trip. I haven't been to the Needle Emporium yet but I try to visit a couple different stores every spring.


  1. Needle Emporium is full of yarny goodness! It was an amazing road trip, lots of laughing and shopping with yarn lovers who understand your absolute NEED for that yarn... :) The wristers are great! Interesting how different weights of yarn can still make them to fit! I've never done cables like those. Must try some! :) samm

  2. Are you going to knit them into pairs now? I like the way the cable lies.

    Our snow is NEARLY gone - and you?


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