Sunday 24 May 2009


Last weekend was our long weekend here in Canada. We celebrated by reading books and taking it easy since it was raining and sort of miserable. But this weekend we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Mariposa Folk Festival coming back to Orillia, ON (where it originated 49 years ago). This is the Mary Street Collective band . . .
having a terrific time celebrating on stage. Four singer songwriters who got together to cover each others songs. It worked really well. My husband, paul court, smiling in the green shirt, and Aaron Howes singing one of his own songs.On the either side of the stage, The Brights, Don Bray playing guitar and Alyssa Wright playing her cello.
Only 6 weeks to Mariposa, Yay!

Back to our regular programming. I've been playing with the pattern from the panel of this sock.As I had said previously, the panel ends up to be quite dense. I thought I'd have a go at the pattern and see if we could get the same sort of look without it being so dense. The pattern is worked using 2 rows where you work the cable crossings with a rib row in between them. I tried working only one repeat of the pattern with several ribbed rows in between.
Then I started a swatch and worked one repeat of the pattern reversing the crossings (did the second cross first and then the first cross), again with several rounds of ribbing in between. Interesting.I tried working one and a half repeats and I like the double line but it's getting very dense again.It's a very fuzzy photo but these are the double lines.
And lastly I wanted to see if I could spread the double lines further apart.
So now it's decision time.

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