Friday 8 May 2009

Progress - 0

I've made negative progress on the swirl sock. I realized that I had a YO in it that went between a knit and purl stitch. I think that for a knitter of the 'throwing, English' persuasion (those knitters who run the yarn through the right hand) that this is a pain in the arse stitch. I'm afraid it's no problem for a continental knitter, of which I am one and I didn't think to try using the other method of knitting until I had quite a bit done on the sock. I decided not to burden anyone with this kind of stitch because there has got to be a way of accomplishing more or less the same thing without that 'round and round' the needle YO. I tried a bunch of other ways to work the knits and purls between the increase and decrease of the swirl pattern and after many, many, many tries last night and this morning I think I have one I am happy with. But this is all I have accomplished on it.I know you're so impressed! I'm sure you can tell it's going to be wonderful, ha, ha. I did write it down on a scrap piece of paper which I think I stuck in my pocket. Nope not in the pocket. I will not panic, I'll just go and check to see that I still have it somewhere. Hold on a second. . . . . OK, phew, it was in the bottom of my purse where all good things migrate to. This is all that's left of the sock from yesterday. A worn out little pile of wool. But it was valiant in it's service to the sock and will be lovingly put aside.

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